Investment Equals Priority

Day 9: Investment Equals Priority

It has been said that you can tell a lot about a person’s priorities by where they spend their time and money. I agree. I know that I personally spend my time and money on the things that I value most.

So if health and fitness are important to you, make the decision to treat them as such.

We’ve been talking a lot about where you spend your time (attention) throughout this challenge. Today, let’s talk about investing your dollars in tools and resources that help you to make the lifestyle of health and fitness easier and more enjoyable.

Making health and fitness fun

There are all kinds of ways that you can add some excitement and fun into your health and fitness.

Here are a few of my favorite examples:

1. Workout Toys

Trying out new workout toys like the Valslide, Gymboss, Garmin, TRX, foam roller, a new yoga mat or a Yogitoes yoga towel, are great ways to add some excitement. It’s fun to try new things and add some variety to your routine.

Let’s not forget the tunes either. You’ve gotta have a good quality iPod (or other music producing device) and arm band so you can listen to your favorite playlist to get revved up!

Trying out a new workout class, yoga studio, or even making the decision to join a gym would also fall into this category.

2. Style, Comfort, and Quality

Adding to your collection of stylish and comfortable workout apparel and accessories definitely amps up the excitement.

Quality and comfort especially go a long way for making exercise more fun. I notice a huge difference, for example, in the quality and fit with my Lululemon yoga pants compared to my yoga pants from Express.

I’ve also become quite the tank top connoisseur… you’d think that a tank top is a tank top, but no. I’ve had my share of shrink-after-one-wash, ride-up-into-your-pits uncomfortable lessons learned. When you feel good in your workout gear, you’re more excited about working out!

Things like Splits59 super soft and lux workout tops, Lululemon yoga pants (for guys and girls), sports bras and jackets, and Hard Tail Forever tops and bottoms are some of my top choices.

As for accessories, our Core bag is a great example of a gym bag that is cool looking, comfortable to wear, and is going to last for a really really long time. In fact, the idea of making fitness fun was the exact reasoning behind our design for it.

3. Function

Function is incredibly important when it comes to workout gear. Getting new running shoes with adequate arch support, or even these awesome socks from Asics, that selectively support different areas of your feet, can make a world of a difference in performance. I love the feeling of putting on a new pair of workout shoes or socks like these. It makes me want to head straight to the gym and test them out!

4. Cooking

Having the right tools in the kitchen makes cooking at-home easier and more fun. Essentials like great pots and pans and sharp knives can make whipping up a healthy and delicious meal a breeze.

I also really like having an assortment of interesting small plates and bowls to choose from. For some reason, it’s way more fun to eat a small portion out of a cute cozy little bowl than it is to eat it off of a giant lonely plate.

Innovative cookbooks help to make eating healthy more fun too. A couple of my favorites are Gourmet Nutrition and Deceptively Delicious, however this is one case where I often invest time rather than money, gathering a lot of my inspiration through blogs like katheats.com, ohsheglows.com, edibleperspective.com and recipe sites like allrecipes.com and foodnetwork.com.

There are tons of ways to set yourself up for success with health and fitness by getting the tools and resources that make this lifestyle more fun. For more fun ideas, check out Leigh Peele’s list, 55 Gifts You Will Beg People To Give You.

What are a few ways that you invest in tools and resources that help make health and fitness more enjoyable?

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Emily December 9, 2010 at 3:09 PM

Well, I’ve always been one that felt simplicity was key, we’re a bit minimalist in my home, but I always prefer quality to quantity. I’ve got an excellent yoga mat that I didn’t mind dropping a few dimes for, and an excellent set of free weights, and a good elliptical at home. I’ve got great tools in my kitchen, not many that I’d only use a few times of year due to space constraints, but my food budget is always spent on fewer items of superior quality. If you are what you eat, do you really want to eat a bunch of chemicals and preservatives and lab grown frankenfood? I sure don’t! I love the look and feel and taste of a beautiful piece of produce, and I am certainly willing to pay more to buy locally grown organics than mass produced food grown thousands of miles away, picked by wage slaves before its prime so it can survive the arduous shipping process to my local grocer’s.


Sheila December 13, 2010 at 12:05 PM

I adore a beautiful piece of produce as well! Going to the farmers market is one of my favorite things to do on the weekends. I find that there is such a difference in the flavor and color of the produce at the farmer’s market (or even at the grocery store), when it’s grown locally… since it’s allowed to fully ripening on the tree instead of before it’s prime, like you mentioned.


Ashley December 9, 2011 at 8:06 AM

Love this post! I can remember when I started running a few years back and finally decided to by real running short. WHAT a difference! :) Thanks so much for including me in the “cooking” section!!! You rock!


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