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What Inspires You Most to be Your Healthiest Fittest Self?

We recently asked this question of our fans on Facebook and Twitter and we received a range of responses.

Knowing that by me being my healthiest and happiest self, I have the opportunity to inspire and support others! – Jennifer B

My children. If I am not healthy and fit, then how can I expect them to be? If I want to thrive and see them grow up, there is no other choice ~ that is inspiration enough! – Nanci F

I don’t want to look back at my life when I’m old and wish I had been healthier, stronger, or in better shape. I want to be tired at the end of the day because I wore nearly out doing adventurous activities. I want to sleep like a child; tuckered out from an active day. I want to look great naked for my partner. What Inspires You Most to be Your Healthiest Fittest Self? I want others to see my body as a reflection of my healthy spirit. – Piper D

Not wanting to die at 52 like my father did. – Theresa

Grandkids. They have endless energy. – Karen M

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself this question?

When it comes down to it, inspiration is the why—why am I really doing this? It comes directly from the core part of who you are. It’s intrinsic. It lights your fire and it just feels right, mostly with no reasoning or extensive thought behind it.

What inspires us most?

Our inspiration is simple… it’s satisfaction. It’s so satisfying to lie down in bed at night and know that you got everything out of that day that you were looking to get.

You could also say that inspiration is our inspiration. We get a spark from helping people to see that health and fitness isn’t something that you have to do, it’s something that you GET to do!

We all have moments when we fall out of whack with our inspiration and it takes a little reminding ourselves again of why we want to be our healthiest and fittest self.

This was actually the reasoning behind our signature liner. Words are pretty inspiring, aren’t they? They evoke emotion for sure and when designing the Core, we wanted to make sure that every time you open your fitness bag, you are inspired.

What Inspires You Most to be Your Healthiest Fittest Self?

So whenever you have a moment, when you feel your zest for health and fitness fizzle, pause for a moment and ask yourself why you want to be healthy and fit. Check in with your core (or your Core bag) and remind yourself of a few words that spark that inspiration once again.

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Aimee March 18, 2011 at 1:48 PM

These are great responses! I have often thought about it, and come up with lots of reasons. It’s good to know why we are doing what we do! :) I really like the inside of that bag too. Very fun!


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